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Imagine if the world were similar to an editing program. A world in which, just like audio and video tracks, there were two realities: one of sound and one of graphics.

Well... stop imagining it. Because as a member of the Audio and Video Synchronization Agency (AVSA), this is now your daily life. Since the Great Tragedy of the desynchronization of content creators, you have been working every day to re-establish the symphony between the Sound World, below, and the Visual World, above.


Synchrony is a 3D single player puzzle experience with simple point and click interactions. It was created during the 2022 Epic Mega Jam: "As Above So Below".

Explore the two realities of this small apartment and figure out how to reconnect them.

This is more of a proof of concept than a finished game, but it may be enhanced later!


WASD : Move

Mouse : Camera

Left Clic | E : Interact

Shift : Sprint


The "Santsu Tsou" Team

Rouau Gaëlle : 3D & Level Artist

Schoepfer Maëlys : Game Designer

Toth Benoît : Programmer & Tech Artist

Zelvelder Nicolas : Game & Level Designer

Giglio Enzo : Sound Designer

Release date 93 days ago
AuthorsEnzo Giglio, Osalys, Gaelle.Rouau, Nicolas Zelv
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagsepic-mega-jam, Escape Game
Average sessionA few minutes

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